As a composer, songwriter and arranger Elina is able to create and arrange music in a range of styles with plenty of experience in the area. Elina is a strong melody writer with refined ear for hooks and unique/unusual things equally as well as the lyric writing ability to create anything from poetic/metaphoric text to personalised heart-felt lyrics to simple “have a good time” club/party lyrics.  So whether you’re looking for that next chart hit, a personal custom made song to your loved one, a re-styled version of your favourite song or music for your new film, Elina will be able to assist you and create something special for each occasion. Specialising mostly in Western music, for anything outside her normal work knowledge zone, Elina utilises her extensive international social network as well as great research skills to make sure the client ends up with their desired product. Depending on the client’s needs Elina can deliver anything from Logic Pro X made MIDI instrument demos to live recorded tracks (additional fees may apply in this case) or backing tracks without topline and/or sheet music.


Elina’s music combines her pop diva music influences (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Adele etc.), her classical music background and knowledge of film scoring. The latter two have left her with a good understanding of the sounds and use of most orchestral instruments and the combination of all three elements mean that there are some dramatic qualities and deep emotional content in Elina’s music. Furthermore, Elina’s songs are characterised with her love of simplicity, layering plenty of different textures, use of space and strong melodies. She wants her music to make people feel and think so she chooses to write about (universal) subjects that matter to her, but also have a strong correlation to many people’s lives.


Besides working on her own, Elina frequently collaborates with other writers, artists and creative people and has vast experience in co-writing lyrics, melodies and varied music elements for tracks in various styles. Known for her excellent people skills, Elina is a great team player and always puts the product first, in order to get the best possible outcome in co-writing projects. The co-writing processes can include anything from full online collaboration to frequent live writing sessions.

Arrangement & Scoring

Due to her diverse music background and studies, Elina is able to arrange music in a range of styles with plenty of experience in the area. Elina’s speciality is her vast knowledge of classical instruments and blending them with modern sounds and contemporary (electric) instruments.

Having studied classical music from an early age and spent her youth playing in various classical ensembles and orchestras, Elina has gained vast knowledge of classical music and instruments over the years. Through being an highly creative empath Elina has a skill of writing music with strong emotive qualities and these naturally led to an interest of film music. Wanting to explore the subject further and expand her knowledge towards contemporary scoring, Elina wrote her BMus dissertation about Hans Zimmer’s influence on contemporary film scoring. During this process she analysed and transcribed a range of film scoring work by various composers comparing them to Zimmer’s work and discovering the patterns behind the maestro’s work. To challenge her knowledge in practice, Elina paired her dissertation research with a practical project consisting of “film theme” styled orchestral arrangements of well-known pop songs. Furthermore, to gain technical knowledge in 2018 Elina completed an online Film Scoring course with Berklee College of Music with grade A.