Session Work

Elina is known for being very detail oriented, having studious work ethic and excellent communication skills. Always professional, well-prepared, punctual, as well as extremely consistent with her work, Elina is fluent with adjusting to feedback and direction and able to adapt her approach and working methods to suit a wide range of styles and briefs. When it comes to working with others, Elina is a great team player with excellent attitude and adjusts her performance style as well as vocal/instrumental parts to perfectly fit each different group/project. Having done extensive musical theory training as well as plenty of practical work in the field, Elina is a fluent sight reader. 

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Vocals (lead & backing)

Elina is a well adaptable, very consistent, versatile and detail oriented vocalist with a 3 – octave comfortable range. Having years of experience in singing in choirs and various sized vocal groups, Elina is great with harmonies and also a very experienced, versatile backing vocalist. When it comes to vocal improvisation Elina is fully confident, whether it means singing a scat solo, coming up with vocal harmonies or lines on the spot or freestyling in a pop/EDM styled piece.

Elina has several vocal recording mics (Sontronics and AKG brands)  and uses Logic Pro to create industry standard vocal stems with a typical turnaround of 3-5 business days. All details are to be confirmed upon booking.


Elina is a seasoned brass player with experience of playing in various classical orchestras ensembles (euphonium & trombone) as well as contemporary bands and projects (trombone) as well as recording brass stems for classical and various pop music genres. Due to her classical brass education background Elina is a fluent sight reader and prefers to work from sheet music, but is able write her own parts from the received material (audio/links) and is also able to learn material by heart upon request. Elina can fluently adjust her playing and performance style  in live setting as the situation requires.


Elina started her Euphonium studies at her local music institute at the age of 9 and has been playing ever since. In 2009 she achieved the highest classical qualification possible without professionally studying the instrument (in Finland) with grade A (22/25 points). Elina started playing in a local orchestra at 10 years old and continued to actively play and perform with various orchestras and ensembles through her childhood, high school and Conservatory studies. Over the years she also attended various band camps and masterclasses in Finland, being taught by the best brass players in the world (James Morrison, Velvet Brown, Boston Brass, Sergio Carolino, Jens Bjorn-Larsen) and conducted by a range of highly successful conductors (such as Maria Molund, Esko Heikkinen and Eero Lehtimäki). In 2019 Elina participated in an international project “Earth Orchestra” recording Euphonium parts for an original piece by award winning English composer George Fenton at Abbey Road Studios in London in May 2019.


Elina started her trombone studies after completing her final Euphonium exam in 2009. She received classical one to one lessons for six years and played in various classical ensembles as well as AmKo symphonic orchestra in Kuopio during her Conservatory studies. Furthermore, Elina has played in various contemporary bands, workshops and showcases ranging from a James Brown, Steely Dan, Beatles and Frank Zappa tributes to jazz and Latin standards. In 2014 Elina attended a week-long master class rehearsing, recording and performing three gigs playing trombone (as well as singing backing vocals) for Erja Lyytinen. Since moving to England Elina has been doing (recording/performing) session work for various artists in UK and beyond.