Musician's House (Muusikon talo)

My house Musician’s house (Muusikon talo), located in my hometown Kouvola, Finland was part of the Finnish National Housing Fair this Summer (12.7-11.8.2019). The 400m2 sized brick building was built as an Army utility building in 1912-1913 and the outside of the house is protected by Finnish National Board of Antiquities.

I bought the house in March 2019 and the demolition works followed by the massive renovation project started immediately after. The 300 m2 living space is divided into an apartment and a separate music studio/rehearsal space. The works are steadily progressing on the apartment side, which upon completion will be rented out for the time being. Building the studio will start after the apartment has been finished and the studio space will be available to hire for anyone for recording session and rehearsals. The studio “Kymi Music Studios” opening is aimed to be in Spring 2020.

So far the Musician’s house project has created plenty of public interest and been featured across Finnish media:

NEM - Never Ever Media

“NEVER EVER MEDIA (NEM) was set up by creatives for creatives is quickly evolving to meet the needs of its clients  – musicians, artists, photographers, poets and the like – who need a space to record, write, practice and a community in which to air and share – music, ideas, images, gear, posts…Its team of founder members consists of musicians, producers, artists, photographers, web designers and music industry professionals.

NEVER EVER MEDIA is never just one voice, one way of doing things. We aim to be the fastest growing, evolving, morphing studio and community forum dedicated to musicians and performers. “

I joined NEM as a founding member in November 2018, in the very early stages of the company. Since then I’ve seen the company grow gradually and many studios join its global network. Having had many chances to worked closely with the other founder members in various projects I have experienced the power of team work, great planning and management and learned plenty in the process. All of this has inspired me to start my own studio project and I can proudly say I’ll be opening recording and rehearsal studios in my hometown Kouvola in Spring 2020. The studios will be part of NEM global network and benefit from the excellent ever expanding team behind the company.

More information about NEM: