As a photographer Elina always makes sure that the customer is happy with the whole process: from the booking and planning, to the photoshoot, editing and the finished product.

As an artist herself Elina understands the importance of executing someone’s existing vision as well as gently guiding and suggesting things to those who might be a bit more nervous or unsure of what they want. Elina has also discovered that sometimes the photographer being slightly silly makes people much less self-conscious and uncomfortable, often leading to the capturing of natural smiles and relaxed faces and postures. The main points are to have fun and to get a range of pictures that the customer prefers. This is why Elina takes time during the shoot to show the customer the pictures, which allows them to give her feedback and she can then adjust her working methods to that. Furthermore, depending on the customers wishes Elina can send all the material to the customer afterward allowing them to pick their favourite shots before doing editing to the customer’s preferred photos.

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