Musicians House

Musician's House (Muusikon talo)

My house Musician’s house (Muusikon talo), located in my hometown Kouvola, Finland is part of the Finnish National Housing Fair this Summer (12.7-11.8.2019). The historic building was built in 1912-1913 for Army use and the outside of the house is protected by Finnish National Board of Antiquities. I got the house in March 2019 and after four months works the project is still very much work in progress. The renovation of the 400m2 house will continue after the fair and the large space will be divided to an apartment and a music studio. Upon completion the apartment will be rented out for the time being and the studio space will be available to hire for anyone for recording session and rehearsals. The studio opening is aimed to be in Spring 2020.

So far the Musician’s house project has created plenty of public interest and been featured across Finnish media: