NEM - Never Ever Media

“NEVER EVER MEDIA (NEM) was set up by creatives for creatives is quickly evolving to meet the needs of its clients  – musicians, artists, photographers, poets and the like – who need a space to record, write, practice and a community in which to air and share – music, ideas, images, gear, posts…Its team of founder members consists of musicians, producers, artists, photographers, web designers and music industry professionals.

NEVER EVER MEDIA is never just one voice, one way of doing things. We aim to be the fastest growing, evolving, morphing studio and community forum dedicated to musicians and performers. “

When asked what Elina loves about NEM, she said: “The magic of having a bunch of creative people from different backgrounds working towards a common goal (creating and offering the best possible tailored music/media/creative services and customer experiences). The founder members all bringing their unique knowledge and expertise to the table makes NEM a very exciting platform and collective to be part of.”